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Adobe InDesign CS5 Box shot © Adobe, Inc.

Adobe InDesign document files have the IND or INDD extension. (Box shot © Adobe, Inc.)

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Definition: The primary file extension for files created with Adobe InDesign is IND or INDD.

Other Adobe InDesign page layout file extensions include:

  • IDAP assignment package (used with InCopy and InDesign CS4 or later)
  • IDML markup language file
  • INDB book files
  • INDL library files
  • INDP package files (used with InCopy and InDesign CS3 or earlier)
  • INDS (CS3 & back) & IDMS (CS5 & up) snippet files
  • INDT template files
Also Known As: .ind | .indd
You'll need Adobe InDesign to open IND or INDD files, or QuarkXPress with appropriate plug-ins/XTensions.

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