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Gutter Jump

Spanning across two pages


Gutter jump

Headline and illustration cross the gutter in this 2 page newspaper spread from The Dallas Morning News, March 12, 1986. | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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In these two photos that jump the gutter, the people in each photo are close to but don't fall right into the gutter.

(Spread from Texas Highways magazine, January 2014) gutterjumpissues.png

Top: Misalignment of 2 halves of a photo that jumps the gutter. Bottom: Strip of white that shows through because of binding/printing misalignment between halves of a photo that are not on a natural spread.

(Both examples from Texas Highways magazine, January 2014)


That space between two facing pages is a gutter. Normally this is blank space; however, in some page layouts photos or text may fill and extend across the space. That is a gutter jump.

How To Do Gutter Jumps

There are good and not-so-good ways to jump the gutter when you lay out a spread. It is easier to avoid misalignment during printing or binding, color shifts, and the loss of some text or images into the gutter when the gutter jump occurs on a center spread. When you do cross the gutter make sure that the gutter doesn't split the image in some odd way. A crease down the middle of someone's face or some other vocal point detracts from the image and the layout. Place less important elements directly in the gutter. If possible, place text so that the gutter falls in a natural space between words.


Also Known As: crossover | double page spread | bridge

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