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Both associated with paper, finish is a paper term and a printing term that involves near-the-end processes.

  1. Paper Finish
    Finish is the surface characteristics or texture of paper. The finish may be a natural by-product of the papermaking process or a specific texture applied to the paper at the end of paper manufacturing (by pressing patterns into the paper (embossed finish), applying coatings, or other means). The finish or smoothness of the paper, no matter how it is obtained, ranges from rough to highly polished (super calendared) finishes.
  2. Finish the Print Job
    Finish or finishing in the printing process is the general term for trimming, folding, binding and other post-production processes of paper handling and printing. Some print shops may send jobs out to a separate company for some finishing tasks including binding and packaging for distribution.

Also Known As: surface | texture | finishing

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