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EULA or End User License Agreement

Portion of the EULA from a digital font file. | Business Dictionary | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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Definition: The EULA or End User License Agreement spells out exactly what rights and restrictions apply to a software package. Some components of a typical EULA are the definitions, grant of license, limitations, copyright, and warranty. Some license agreements may provide detailed lists of what you can and cannot do with the software, images, fonts, or other components of the package.

Software (purchased in-store or downloads), fonts, stock photos, vector illustrations, Photoshop brushes, Adobe Illustrator symbol libraries, computer wallpapers, filter packs, browser add-ons, and other similar products used with software or on the computer often come with a EULA or other statement of the terms of usage. A EULA does not apply only to purchased products. Items provided free of charge may still contain certain restrictions (such as personal use only) and are still protected by copyright.

Read the EULA: Find out what the EULA tells you about what you can do with the software license you purchase.

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Pronunciation: Can be pronounced as individual letters E U L A but typically spoken as a single two-syllable word. you-la.
Also Known As: SLA or Software License Agreement | License Agreement | Terms of Usage
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