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Duplex Printing

Double-sided printing


Duplex printing in Publisher 2010

In Publisher 2010 you can view how your front and back sides of a page line up before doing duplex printing. | Printing Terms | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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Printing on both sides of a sheet of paper is duplex printing.

Usually the term refers to printers that can automatically (or through the use of a duplexing attachment) print on both sides either by reversing the paper back through the printer after one side is done or by printing both sides simultaneously (for printers equipped with twin print engines).

"Printers capable of double-sided printing usually have an internal tray that catches the paper after the first side is printed, flips it, and runs it through the print cycle again. This mechanism can also be called a Reversing Automatic Document Feeder (RADF)." About.com Printers/Scanners: What is Duplex Printing?

Printers without automatic duplexing capabilities (known as simplex printers) can still do duplex printing but it is not automatic. After printing on one side of the paper, the operator manually feeds the printed page back through the printer so that it prints on the unprinted side on the second pass.

How to Do Duplex Printing

  • Use paper that is suitable for the type of duplex printing you are doing.


    • Not all papers have like-sidedness. Being different in finish on each side doesn't mean that the paper can't be used for duplex printing but the appearance of whatever you are printing is affected by the finish, texture, or color on each side. Note that duplex paper is paper that is intentionally different on each side, not necessarily paper designed for duplex printing.


    • Because there is printing on both sides, avoid paper that is two thin for the amount of ink coverage. Bleed-through (printing showing through on back side of paper) is especially likely when printing photographs (heavy ink) on non-photo paper.


  • When doing manual duplex printing, do a test run first to make sure you are feeding the paper through the second time flipped or rotated properly so that you don't end up printing on the already-printed side or the back side is upside down from what you intended. Some software has an option when using simplex printers for double sided printing that will tell you which way to insert the printed pages by first running a test page through the printer and following on-screen prompts. Publisher 2010 has a print preview that uses a transparency slider to show you how your front and back sides line up prior to duplex printing.


  • Duplex Printing with Long Edge and Short Edge Settings
    Some duplex printers have Long Edge and Short Edge options for double sided printing. Learn how it works in this How To Print Double Sided article.
"You don’t need special software to print double sided. As long as the application that you are using, whether a Graphic Creation, Desktop Publishing or Word Processing software has the option to print your work from within it you don’t require any special separate software to print double sided." How to Print Double Sided


Also Known As: double sided printing | two-sided printing

Examples: Use duplex printing and copying to conserve paper at home or in the office. Using both sides of a piece of paper is earth-friendly.

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