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dingbats free fonts

Dingbats are mini-clip art collections; These dingbats have been colorized in a graphics program. | Alpha Index of Full Dictionary:

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A dingbat is a typographic ornament or graphic. Dingbat fonts are digital type where each character is a small graphic or icon — picture fonts. Some standard alphabet fonts also contain a few dingbat characters. Dingbats can be decorative or functional. Dingbats can be used as bullets in a list, as an end sign at the end of a story, as separators, and as accents. Combine dingbats to create logos, illustrations, and rebus puzzles.

Dingbat fonts are like mini-clip art collections. Explore 5 Ways to Use Dingbat Fonts.

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Also Known As: printer's ornaments | symbols | picture fonts | pi fonts |
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