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Deckle Edge

Rough edges on paper, naturally or intentionally created


Paper with deckle edge

Paper with a deckle edge. (portion of image from ejhogbin, CC license) | Paper Dictionary | Alpha Index to Full Dictionary:

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The ragged or feathered edge of the paper as it comes from the papermaking machine is the deckle edge. The edge gets its name from the frame — called a deckle — used in papermaking.

Handmade paper normally has 4 deckle edges while machinemade paper has two. In most cases it is cleanly cut off during the papermaking process. Left in place, the deckle edge becomes a decorative, textured edging.

A feathered edge is often used on wedding invitations and can also be found on some greeting cards, thank you notes, envelope flaps, and scrapbook pages.

Make Your Own Deckle Edge

You could make your own paper to get a deckle edge but that's not for everyone. Create an imitation or fake deckle edge by tearing or sawing the edge of the paper.
  • Create Your Own Deckle Edge at QuinnCreative suggests knives (serrated!) and 4 other methods.


  • How Do I Make a Deckle Edge on Watercolor Paper? from About.com Painting describes folding, tearing and has a dry and wet method.


  • The Dual Edge Ripper is rough-edged piece of Lucite. Lay it on paper then tear.


  • Compare Priceson paper tearing rulers. These are commonly found in stores that carry crafting and scrapbooking supplies. Different edges provide different patterns or sizes of tears.


Also Known As: feather edge

Common Misspellings: dekkle

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