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Make a photo collage

Group people photos into a collage for interesting effects. | Design & Layout | Graphics | Alpha Index of Full Glossary:

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In traditional art, a collage is a two-dimensional form of artwork created by attaching often seemingly unrelated objects to a surface to create a new piece of artwork. The collage could be pieces of paper, photographs, feathers, fabric, bits of pottery, pages torn from books or magazines, string, yarn, nuts and bolts, bottle caps -- almost anything that can be held in place with strong glue.

Digital collage is similar to (and the terms are often used interchangeably) a photomontage or montage, a composition composed of only photos or fragments of photos combined to make a single, unified image. Vision boards inspiration boards or mood boards are often created as a collage of fonts, color swatches, paper samples, and magazine clippings. Traditional and digital scrapbook pages are typically a collage of patterns and photos.

Digital Collage Examples

Take a look at examples of collages, some created specifically for incorporating into desktop publishing layouts.

Digital Collage Tutorials

Learn how to create a collage in your software or just get inspired with these ideas. Explore techniques that will come in handy when creating a collage.

Software for Creating a Collage

You can create digital collage artwork in any general purpose graphics software or with specialty software that offers special features for arranging and merging images into a photographic collage or layout. In addition to desktop software, there are smartphone apps for taking your camera phone photos and making them into a collage that you can send to your contacts or post to social media sites such as Facebook.

Traditional Collage Definitions and Tutorials

Explore definitions for and examples of collage in traditional arts from other About.com sites.
Also Known As: electronic collage | e-collage | digital collage | montage | photomontage | photo composite
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