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A column chart or graph.

Jacci Howard Bear Infographic of informal poll data on freelance design use of contracts and other money issues.

Infographic containing bar charts.

Image by Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com


Used to present complex information and numerical data in a simple, compact format, a chart is an image that represents data symbolically. The term graph may be used synonymously with chart. Some types of charts, known as pictographs, use pictures or symbols in place of the typical bars, lines, or dots of most charts or graphs.

Charts, like other types of images for presenting information are a form of infographic. There are several infographics including a bar chart or graph in this Information Graphics example.

Some types of charts:

  • Bar chart - horizontal bars represent data
  • Column chart - vertical columns represent data
  • Line chart - lines connect data points
  • Scatter chart - unconnected data points
  • Pictograph - pictures represent data
  • Pie chart - circle with "pie slices" representing data

Also Known As: graph | infographic

Examples: A pie chart is a circle divided into segments with each piece of the pie representing some data. Bar and stacked charts use vertical or horizontal bars to show the relationship between numbers. Line charts use lines along a visible or invisible grid.

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