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The most common type of bookbinding for hardcover books is case binding. With case binding pages of the book are arranged in signatures, sewn together, and hard covers (cloth, vinyl, or leather cases) are attached.

Do Your Own Case Binding

For most designers, case binding is not typically a do-it-yourself binding method — especially when large quantities are needed. However, as shown in this Instructable tutorial, you can do your own case binding of a book. This mothteeth tutorial also illustrates How to Make a Simple Hardcover Book. These do-it-yourself methods of case binding are one way to bind a single book or a small number of books you write and print as gifts.

Commercial Case Binding

Get an introduction to commercial casemaking in this PrintSpeak YouTube video — Three Minutes: Case-binding for Beginners. To see some commercial casemaking and case binding equipment in action watch these videos:
Also Known As: edition binding | case bound
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