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Business Card

A mini-marketing tool


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Your layout and your choice of template or paper have to work together when you make a business card with Serif PagePlus SE.

Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com Create a Blueprint Style Business Card Background in Microsoft Publisher

You can use the super easy but less blueprint-like method or create a custom blueprint style backdrop for your business card in just a few steps.

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Typically used by business people as a form of introduction, a business card is a small card imprinted with contact information such as address and phone number for the person to whom the business card belongs. The use of a business card is not restricted to businesses. Members of organizations and individuals may use a business card as well to distribute their address or phone number or other identifying information.

Although the size of the business card can vary, the typical size is 3.5 x 2 inches or A8 size. The business card is often created as part of an identity system comprised of matching business letterhead or personal stationery and envelopes. These, and other pieces of the identity system or marketing materials will often use common colors, fonts, and logo.

Business cards are given to prospective clients or customers and often handed out at networking functions. Recipients of business cards may file them in a Rolodex or a business card file or stick them on a bulletin board. Many designers will use techniques to make the business card especially memorable and less likely to land in the nearest trash receptacle. These include unusual textures and nonstandard sizes (larger or smaller).

Business cards may be created using any desktop publishing software, some word processing software, or business card design software. There are many pre-designed business card templates as well as blank templates to help a designer or non-designer get started creating a business card. Most templates come in standard business card size with either horizontal or vertical orientation. Many individuals and small businesses print business cards from desktop printers onto perforated business card stock. Commercial printing offers a greater variety of papers and printing methods for business cards including offset lithography, engraving, and thermography.

Also Known As: calling card

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