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An abbreviation for application, an app is a computing program. An app can be any computer software, including desktop publishing software. It is also the term applied to specialized programs for mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones and tablet devices. An app can also be a program used over a network, such as a Web app that users access via their Web browsers. The actual application does not reside on their own computer but rather on a server at a remote location.

Desktop Publishing Apps

Want to do desktop publishing at your desk or on the go? There's an app... for doing that. Apps used for desktop publishing range from the full-fledged desktop software such as QuarkXPress or Adobe Photoshop to the specialized apps for iPhone such as WhatTheFont or Web apps like Google Docs for word processing and collaboration.
  • Desktop Apps for Desktop Publishing that run on your own desktop computer or laptop includes professional level programs for graphic designers, software for business users, and software for creative printing and home publishing. This also includes many graphics software titles and free or open source software applications.

  • Cloud Computing Apps for Desktop Publishing include both smartphone/tablet apps and Web apps. Apps for your phone or tablet may be like desktop apps that are usable without an Internet connection or they may be more like Web apps that you use on your mobile device but much of the app is accessed online. Although there are some powerful apps such as Apple Pages that can be used on an iPad, most mobile apps for desktop publishing are specialized programs for doing things like creating color palettes, identifying fonts, or connecting with other designers through social media apps.
Also Known As: software | program | application
Apple Pages is a desktop publishing app that is available for the desktop, the iPhone, and the iPad.
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