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Adobe InDesign

Desktop Publishing Software


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The successor to PageMaker, the original desktop publishing software, Adobe InDesign is a page layout software program published by Adobe. InDesign is available as a standalone package or in some of the editions of the Adobe Creative Suite.

Learning to Use Adobe InDesign

Due to its popularity, there is no shortage of tutorials for learning how to use Adobe software. What can be tricky is finding all the tutorials and finding just the right ones for whatever task you are trying to do. Here are some of the best places to find a lot of InDesign (& often Illustrator and Photoshop) tutorials. Here is a roundup of Design Project Tutorials using Adobe InDesign that help you learn by creating a brochure, a poster, a magazine, or some other type of document from start to finish.

Alternatives to Adobe InDesign

Since the release of CS5, InDesign has become the number one professional desktop publishing software for page layout. However, there are other options:

  • Professional Desktop Publishing Software for Windows and Mac lists the alternatives most comparable to Adobe InDesign, such as QuarkXPress.


  • The Really Big A-Z List of Desktop Publishing Software includes the above and dozens of other options for doing page layout and related tasks.


  • Not all free software options can compare to Adobe InDesign, but the one that is most like it in functionality is Scribus. See programs for Windows and Mac.


Also Known As: InDesign

Common Misspellings: Indesign

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