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Four copies



Two examples of 4-up layouts. Top: 2x2 or two columns of 2. Bottom: 1 column of 4. | Prepress & Printing Terms | Alpha Index of Full Dictionary:

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Printing four copies of the same thing on a single sheet of paper is known as 4-up. It saves paper. For desktop printing there are many types of paper that comes pre-scored or perforated for printing multiple copies on a page. 4-up is typical for large labels, postcards, and folded business cards.

Some desktop publishing software can automatically create 4-up designs. The user can specify margins and gaps between copies or choose templates that print 4-up. In other software it may be necessary to make copies of a document and paste multiple copies (step and repeat) onto a larger page before printing.

8-up and 10-up are other common print layouts.

Also Known As: 4 to a sheet

Alternate Spellings: 4 up

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