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Free Photos of Plants and Flowers

Get free pictures of flowers, weeds, trees, and agriculture scenes for desktop publishing.
  1. Plant Clip Art

About - Flowers, Plants
Petunias, Marigolds, Peppermint, plus outdoor objects such as a lawnmower are free.

About Graphics Software - PhotoArtMaster Gallery
Scroll down for a couple of free plant photos.

About Graphics Software - PhotoArtMaster Gallery
A pine tree and several artistic treatments of a sunflower are in this free gallery.

About Graphics Software - PhotoArtMaster Gallery
Scroll down for several artistic versions of a patch of mushrooms.

Alaska Refuge System - Alaska Image Library
Plants along with people, places, and wildlife are in this collection.

Artistic Photography by Anthony McCune
Floral photos can also be ordered as posters or on t-shirts.

FarmPhoto.com - Agriculture, Farming
Get free high resolution photographs of livestock, equipment, and other farm-related images.

Freestockphotos.com - Wildflowers
Pick wildflowers and a few other plants too.

USDA - Agriculture [JPG]
From the Agricultural Research Service Information Staff of the USDA, choose photos of plants, insects, animals, crops, lab research, and various illustrations related to food.

Among the thousands of photos in the USDA Online Photography Center are many on farming, forestry, and horticulture.

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