1. Technology

Free Photos of Wild or Domestic Animals

Get free photographs of wild and domestic animals for desktop publishers. Download free pictures of zoo animals, pets, and jungle creatures.
  1. Animal Clip Art

About Graphics Software - PhotoArtMaster Gallery
Nice dog photo in among the landscape photos as well as some artistically manipulated cow skulls.

About Graphics Software - PhotoArtMaster Gallery
Along with landscapes you'll find a little bird.

Electronic Zoo - NetVet
This collection of links is specifically for animals - wild and domestic. Organized by animal (insects too) including cats, cows, dinosaurs, dogs, and mixed collections.

Freestockphotos.com - Wildlife
Offers all kinds of wild animals pictures including goats, snakes, rodents, ducks, and deer.

Get yourself some free high resolution stock photography. It's free even for commercial use. These are quality images organized in categories for Animals, Objects, People, Scenes, Still Lifes, and Textures.

NOAA's Ark
Bears, birds, whales, dolphins, seals, and other marine life pictures are here.

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