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Free Photos

Find free photographs of people, places, and things organized in several categories. Use these free pictures for electronic or print publishing or comps. Check the terms of usage to find out if these free photos are for personal use only or commercial use as well. Both professional and amateur photographers are providing more and more free images that are free from most usage restrictions.
  1. Animals (7)
  2. Food & Cooking (4)
  3. Home & Office Objects (5)
  4. Landscapes & Landmarks (13)
  5. Plants & Flowers (12)
  6. Transportation (7)

Best Places to Find Free Images for Desktop Publishing
Readers share their favorite sources of free stock photos and illustration for use in desktop publishing. Explore each of these popular sites.

How to Use Pictures of People
Pictures of people may be used to illustrate a concept or to identify and recognize specific persons such as employees, award-winners, and newsmakers. Whether utilizing pictures of real people or artwork that represents types of people, there are certain guidelines that will enhance the use of people pictures in Web and print work.

About - Textures and Patterns
Close-up photos of various objects to show the texture or pattern.

They have several hundred free images for personal and commercial use as long as you credit the source.

Amazing Textures
Check out the free samples or register for access to high resolution textures.

Art Favor
In addition to several categories of photos they also have vector, Flash, sounds, and some fonts for Web use.

AMG Media
They invite you to 'steal' these free photos for Web use.

Barry's Free Photos
Browse several categories for free stock photos.

Amateur photographers provide these images for free although you do need to provide a link or reference when you use them.

Donated by photographers, search by keyword for free images.

Get nature photos including pictures of animals. Free for personal or commerical use with credit. High resolution images can be purchased on DVD.

Organized by topic, these images are free for personal or commerical use but be sure to read the terms of use first.

DefenseLINK News Photos
From the US Department of Defense, the people and events that are making news. Specific categories include Operations, Military Services, and Emergency Assistance.

DHD Multimedia Gallery
For personal and commercial use, collections include natural science, music, art, bizarre, recreation, and much more.

Digital Library System: US Fish & Wildlife Service
Search or browse public domain photos from Alaska, Mountain-Prairie, Pacific, and other libraries.

Free Media GOO
They have free images, textures, audio, and Flash for commercial and personal use at no charge. Browse by category or search by keyword.

Free Photographs Network5
Find free photos for non-commercial use.

For personal or commericial use, they have a couple thousand images, most are 640 x 480 pixels and 72dpi making them mostly suitable for Web/screen use or inkjet printing.

Free for private non-commercial use (for sale to others). Many categories including business, Europe, Far East, and Nature.

2500 or more images in several categories such as buildings and nature.

This community-based source of stock photos provides free images of mixed quality for personal or commerical use.

These images are free for personal or commerical use. Browse by category and sub-category or search by keyword. ZIP files available to speed downloads.

Free for personal use and some for commercial use. In addition to animals and plants there are categories for sky & weather, the universe, Christian, and Israel as well as miscellaneous.

Free images (although some restrictions apply) come from NASA and other sources. Search by archive source or with keywords.

Free photos and textures for personal or commercial use, including using them as-is or altered in posters and postcards. These are hi-res images in a variety of categories. Easy to search.

Get yourself some free high resolution stock photography. It's free even for commercial use. These are quality images organized in categories for Animals, Objects, People, Scenes, Still Lifes, and Textures.

National Library of Australia
Read the permissions (licensing) on the images then use the search to find images of people, animals, landscapes, and buildings.

NOAA Photo Library
Numerous collections covering animals, places, people, weather, and much more. Great source of public domain images.

Public Health Image Library
Mostly public domain images (check each photo) from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

United States Department of the Interior
Jumping off point to the various photo collections of the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Reclamation, and the National Park Service.

Here's an interesting way to organize images - by color. So, if you want a photo that predominantly green (green grass, a green sign, etc. then click on the green square. You can also enter keywords.

USDA Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery
Animals, crops, and insects are some of the categories. Download Web or FPO images in three sizes. Hi-rez images are also available.

US Government Graphics and Photos
Most images are public domain but you should check the terms for each collection because there may be restrictions on some images. Links go to various government agencies and collections and cover people, politics, places, weather, animals, history, parks, and more.

Vintage Pixels
Want an historical picutre - even it's people you don't know? Start your search here for old b&w and other vintage photographs.

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