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Desktop Publishing Courses

From Jacci Howard Bear

How much do you know about desktop publishing and graphic design? Do you want to learn more about design, page layout, typography, graphics, prepress, and printing? These free desktop publishing courses, graphic design classes, and self-paced lessons cover the basics of the entire desktop publishing process and specific areas such as fonts or creating a greeting card. Individual lessons allow you to skim the surface or dig as deep as you want to go, all at your own pace. Sign up for email versions of the free desktop publishing courses and graphic design courses or browse the lessons online. For more learning opportunities, discuss the lessons in the forum. Did I mention, they're free?

Poll: What is your primary desktop publishing training?
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Self-paced, independent study (including informal classes, videos)
On-the-job training
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About.com Desktop Publishing Courses
Overview of Online and Email Classes at About.com Desktop Publishing, created by Jacci Howard Bear

Free Courses and Tutorials to Learn How to Do Desktop Publishing
Doing desktop publishing involves more than just having and using desktop publishing software. Discover the basic and advanced knowledge needed to do desktop publishing from start to finish as well as how to do desktop publishing as a freelance business.

Online: 12 Rules of Desktop Publishing
While there are no hard and fast rules, there are guidelines, best practices, and tried and true methods of arranging a page and doing desktop publishing that result in attractive pages that effectively communicate the intended message. Here, you'll find my personal selection of 12 Rules of Desktop Publishing.

Online: Create a Greeting Card
Project-based desktop publishing course is a series of 9 lessons on creating a simple greeting card while learning the basics of desktop publishing. Self-paced, ungraded. Includes definitions, instructions, and assignments along with some bonus study material

Online: Daily Dose of DTP
Learn desktop publishing one or two words at a time and one rule at a time with this free desktop publishing class. This is the index to the online version of the course. The Daily Does of DTP is aimed at those new to desktop publishing who want a broad overview. It is a semi-structured but self-paced course.

Online: How a Desktop Publishing Document is Created
The desktop publishing process is presented in outline form with specific tutorials, how-to's, and related sources for each phase and stages within each phase from design to printing. Learn How a Desktop Publishing Document is Created. Although the outline is complete and there is material in each section, new tutorials are added regularly.

Online: Design Basics for Desktop Publishing
Introduction and course overview for this free multi-lesson basic graphic design course. Class breakdown: 2 sections, 13 classes, multiple lessons, exercises, and assignments per class. Self-paced, start at anytime. This is a self-paced, free course (most of section 2 is not in lesson format although resources are included for self-study).

Designing Technical Documents - Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
This free course covering visual hierarchy and visual consistency using type and page layout is good for those with little to no training in document design.

Digital Typography - MIT OpenCourseWare
MIT supplies the assignments and student solutions for this graduate course from 1997. You can tackle this course in one of three ways depending on your time and level of interest.

Sign Up For an Email Desktop Publishing Course
Choosing an email course from About.com Desktop Publishing and what to expect from these email-based courses and lessons.

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