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Readers choose 1001freefonts.com as the best place to find free fonts.

Readers choose 1001freefonts.com as the best place to find free fonts.

About.com; Screenshot of 1001freefonts.com taken 3/14/2011
Readers chose 1001 Free Fonts as the best place to find free fonts in 2010 and 2011 in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards.
Online since 1998, you'll find a lot more than 1001 free fonts. More like 10001 and then some. Most of the fonts on the site are freeware fonts. A few are shareware (use them for a bit and if you like the font you pay the designer a small fee).

What I Like About 1001FreeFonts:

If you just want to browse a list of free fonts and download what you want quickly, do it here. The sample images are large and readable and you can enter custom text to preview. The site design is not fussy or overloaded with images. Quick and easy to use. While some large free fonts site have the fonts in only PC format, there are separate Mac and Windows archives here.

Go to: 1001 Free Fonts

What I Don't Like About 1001FreeFonts:

If you want to know more about a font before downloading, you're out of luck. While there may be a readme file in the font archive, you have to download the archive first to find out if a font is free for personal use only or if you can use it in a commercial project. Also, there is no font description or list of characters in the font on the site (you'll need to look in the font archive or install the font).

The search field at the top of the page searches fonts.com (a commercial font site) and not the free font site as you would expect by its placement. To search the 1001freefonts.com site, scroll to the bottom of the page to the custom Google search box.

How to Download Fonts at 1001freefonts.com:

Fonts are offered in both Windows and Mac versions. The front page gives you quick access to lists of featured fonts, an alpha index (by font name), and categories that group fonts by type or use such as Celtic, Christmas, Handwriting, and Typewriter. As of this writing (March 2011) there are two ways to look at and download a font.
  • Each page of free fonts has the font name set in that typeface. There are two download buttons (Mac and PC formats) next to the font sample.

  • Another button next to each small sample image is the Custom Preview button. Click on it, type a word or some characters in the Custom Font Preview field to reset the sample. Download buttons are on this page too, one on each side of the page.

Go to: 1001 Free Fonts

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