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Free Clip Art of Food

It's a feast for the eyes but you better not eat these yummy clip art pictures of chocolate cake, bananas, peanuts, and sausage. Use this free clip art to make greeting cards, posters, signs, or perhaps a flier for a food cart?

Have a bottle of water, a cup of tea, a glass of milk, a pitcher of lemonade. These and other beverages in cans, cartons, cups, glasses, and pitchers are free for you. From Dixie Allan for About.com.

Breakfast Foods
Dixie Allan is serving up donuts, pancakes, milk, o.j., cereal, and more for this most important meal of the day.

Cooked Turkey, Style 1 [TIF,GIF]
Get free Black & White and Colorized pictures of a Turkey on a platter.

Cooked Turkey, Style 2 [TIF,GIF]
These Black & White and Color pictures of a Turkey on a platter are free.

Cornucopia, Style 1 [TIF,GIF]
Get Black & White and Color cornucopia pictures in different sizes.

Cornucopia, Style 2 [TIF,GIF]
This Black & White and Color image of a cornucopia comes in different sizes.

Some cake after dinner? Or FOR dinner? Dixie Allan is serving chocolates, apple pie, chocolate pudding, strawberry shortcake and other delectable clip art desserts.

Fruit Clip Art
From avocados to watermelon, some mouth-watering images of lots of fruit.

Hamburgers and Sandwiches
Take a bite of this BLT, hamburger, or hot dog. Or perhaps you'd prefer the lunchbox of healthy foods. Lunch time!

Sometime you feel like... a pecan or a cashew or a walnut. These and more nutty clip art.

Pumpkins, Style 1 [TIF,GIF]
Download free Black & White and Color pictures of a pair of pumpkins.

Pumpkins, Style 2 [TIF,GIF]
Get more Black & White and Color pumpkin pictures for Thanksgiving.

Eat your vegetables. Or make a greeting card with some ears of corn? Here's your veggie clip art. Over a dozen different images.

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