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Butterflies, Birds, Bees, and Flowers
Free Clip Art

Right click (or click & hold on Mac) then Save the GIF image for use on a Web page. See sidebar for ZIP file of all free clip art images on this page.

collage of flowers
collage of flowers, 209x162

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owl, 73x133
yellow flower
yellow flower, 78x84
blue bird
blue bird, 90x82
red bird
red bird, 95x91
bee facing right
bee facing right, 50x36
bee facing left
bee facing left, 46x32
blue flower
blue flower, 92x91
blue butterfly
blue butterfly, 73x72
brown butterfly
brown butterfly, 78x108
green butterfly
green butterfly, 74x73
aqua butterfly
aqua butterfly, 78x116
pink butterfly
pink butterfly, 66x65
flowers, 172x110

Terms of Usage: These images are provided free for your personal use (print or Web) or for use on a commercial Web page. However, they may not be redistributed or sold, individually or as a package. I would be grateful for a link back to this site [http://desktoppub.about.com/] if you do use the images on a personal Web page. Use on a commercial Web site does require a credit line/link somewhere on the site such as: [Images courtesy of Jacci Howard Bear, About Desktop Publishing, http://desktoppub.about.com].

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