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Technical Issues with Using Digital Type

From Jacci Howard Bear

Today's graphic designers and non-designers both use digital type almost exclusively. Being able to choose fonts that look good and compose type is only part of using digital type.

Type users need to understand how to install and properly use Barcode, Unicode, TrueType, PostScript, Multiple Master, OpenType, and other digital type technologies. Along with the technical aspects of font installation, font users need to know how to troubleshoot digital type problems and how digital type is measured and specified for typesetting.
  1. Install / Solve Problems (24)

OpenType Fonts
Find out what this font technology is all about.

PostScript Type 1 Fonts
Find out what Type 1 fonts are, how they differ from other formats.

TrueType Fonts
Discover how TrueType fonts differ from other formats.

Multiple Master Fonts
What ever happened to Multiple Master fonts? Find out.

Barcode 1 - A Web of Information About Bar Codes
They don't sell barcode products -- they provide loads of information about barcoding software and fonts.

Euro Currency Symbol
Microsoft FAQ on the Euro, it's unicode and codepage assignments, support under various OS, and the availability of fonts that include the Euro.

GX and OpenType Comparison
Apple White Paper has history, technocal descriptions of each technology.

OpenType Introduction
Learn more about this cross-platform font technology.

The Unicode Standard
All about this character coding system -- introduction, standards, characters.

TrueType FAQ
Q&A on using TrueType fonts in Windows, OpenType, font embedding, font licensing, and more; updated regularly.

TrueType Reference Manual
Apple's manual covers digitizing, font engines, character code/glyph mapping, converting outlines to TT, and more.

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