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Using Windows Character Map Advanced Features


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Group by Unicode Subrange
Group by Unicode Subrange to see sub-categories of characters.

Group by Unicode Subrange brings up a second window with options for looking at punctuation, symbols, and other sub-categories of characters within a font.

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With thousands of possible characters in a font and the sometimes odd order in which they appear, the Group by Unicode Subrange option helps you find certain types of characters faster.
  1. If not already selected, choose Unicode for the Character set.
  2. Under the Group by menu go to the bottom of the menu and choose Unicode Subrange

There are dozens of Subrange categories. On the next few pages we'll look at a few of them and show you just how many useful and interesting characters you'll find in some fonts.

  1. Basic vs. Advanced View
  2. Select and Copy with Tips
  3. Character Sets
  4. Search by Unicode
  5. Search by Name
  6. Group by Sub-sets
  7. This page Group by Unicode Subranges
  8. Drawing & Dingbat Characters
  9. Currency & Numbers
  10. Punctuation Characters
  11. Technical Symbols & Math
  12. Private Use Characters

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