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Using Windows Character Map Advanced Features


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View Character Sets
View specific character sets within a font.

View specific character sets within a font.

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OpenType fonts can contain characters from multiple languages in one font. If you want to look only at the characters for a specific language (if available in that font) such as Cyrillic, Arabic, or Japanese select it from the Character set drop-down menu.

For this tutorial we'll focus on the Unicode character set.

  1. Basic vs. Advanced View
  2. Select and Copy with Tips
  3. This page Character Sets
  4. Search by Unicode
  5. Search by Name
  6. Group by Sub-sets
  7. Group by Unicode Subranges
  8. Drawing & Dingbat Characters
  9. Currency & Numbers
  10. Punctuation Characters
  11. Technical Symbols & Math
  12. Private Use Characters

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