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St. Patrick's Day Fonts


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Uncial and Half-Uncial Fonts
Uncial Fonts for St. Patrick's Day

Some of the different looks of Uncial fonts for St. Patrick's Day projects. The quotation is in JGJ Uncial. "Go Green" uses Aneirin.

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Based on styles of writing that came into use around the 3rd century CE, uncial is a style of majuscule (all capital) writing. The letters are unjoined, rounded, with curved strokes. Uncial and half-uncial scripts developed around the same time and are similar in appearance. Later styles had more flourishes and decorative letters. Different styles of uncial writing developed in various regions so not all uncials are Irish (or English or German, etc.) and some uncial fonts look quite different than others.

Free Uncial Fonts

  • JGJ Uncial by Jeffrey Glen Jackson (urbanfonts)
    Uppercase letters are larger form of the lowercase letters, some punctuation.
  • Aneirin (acefreefonts.com)
    Identical upper and lowercase with numbers.
  • Coiled Uncial (about.com)
    Extra curls on many letters, upper and lowercase, numbers, some punctuation.

Uncial Fonts to Buy

  • Omnia Roman by K. Hoefer (linotype.com)
    From Linotype, an uncial style all capital typeface with a few alternative letterforms.
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