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St. Patrick's Day Fonts


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The Many Faces of St. Patrick's Day Fonts
St. Patrick's Day Fonts

Some Uncial, Insular Script, Carolingian, Blackletter, and Gaelic fonts are frequently associated with St. Patrick's Day.

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Patrick (as in St. Patrick) was in Ireland in and around approximately 432 CE. The writing of his day was primarily in some of the uncial and half-uncial scripts. Do keep in mind, however, that the fonts you find listed as Uncial or Celtic or Irish are not necessarily actual typeface styles used in historical documents of Ireland during or after the time of St. Patrick. Often the type designer is aiming for a certain look and feel but not historical accuracy. However, for celebrating St. Patrick's Day, any of these fonts will do if you want your text to have something of an Irish flavor. Of course, you don't have to use typical Irish fonts at all. Use whatever fonts make you feel lucky.

Although I've attempted to show you fonts from each style associated with the Irish or St. Patrick's Day, there is a lot of overlap and the modern fonts based on historical writing systems often include features that cross-over from one time period or style to another so they don't always fit neatly into any one classification.

On each page you'll find download links for a couple of free fonts and a link to one or two fonts to buy that are representative of each category.

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