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How to Install, Preview, and Delete Fonts in Windows 7

Works for TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript Type 1 Fonts


Windows 7 makes it easy to install fonts. It automatically puts the font files into the Fonts Folder. From the Fonts Folder you can also preview and delete any installed fonts.

It is generally best to close any applications that are running before installing new fonts. If running during installation, some software programs may need to be closed and restarted before they will recognize the newly installed fonts.

1. Find the Font to Install

Find a font to install
Choose a TrueType, OpenType, or PostScript Type 1 font to install.

Locate the font files that you want to install. These might be fonts on a CD or fonts you've downloaded from the Web. Doubleclick the font you wish to install. In the case of PostScript Type 1 fonts there are two font files, pfb and pfm. Click on the pfm file (the one with the smaller file size of the two; under the "Type" column Windows 7 shows it as "Type 1 Font file" while it shows the other as "PFB File"). 

NOTE: If you have multiple formats of a font, such as both a TrueType and an OpenType version, it is best not to install both versions. This can cause font conflicts when trying to use the fonts in your software applications. 

2. Preview and Install the Font

Click on the Install button in the Preview Pane
Click the Install button in the Preview Pane

When you click on the uninstalled font it brings up a Preview Pane with two buttons: Print and Install. Click on the Install button. You're done with installation.

NOTE: You can click on the font file from within an archive file (such as a ZIP file downloaded from the Web), view the preview and install the font from there without extracting it first.

3. View Windows 7 Fonts Folder

Windows 7 Font Folder
Installed fonts are in the Windows 7 Fonts Folder.

You can find the Windows 7 Fonts Folder from your Control Panel. It lives under the Windows Directory/Folder on your computer. The Fonts Folder shows you page icons with a mini-preview of your installed font. Go there if you want to verify that a font is installed and to delete fonts.

  • A single page icon represents a single digital font file.
  • A stack of 3 page icons indicates that there are multiple digital fonts of a specific typeface installed, such as italic and bold versions.
  • A small arrow in the lower left corner of an icon indicates that the actual font file is in a different folder and a shortcut resides in the Fonts Folder. 

4. Right-Click an Installed Font

Right-click on a font file.
The Right-click menu gets you to the preview and delete options, among others.

In the Windows 7 Fonts Folder right-click any installed font to bring up a menu with various options.

If it is a single font icon your options will be: Preview | Print | Hide | Copy | Delete | Properties

If it is an icon indicating that there are several individual font files for that typeface the right-click menu will have additional options including Open or Open in New Window which shows you separate icons for each of the installed files.


5. Preview an Installed Font

Windows 7 Font Preview
Get a quick look at your selected font in various font sizes.

The Preview Pane (Right-click on font file and select Preview) shows you sample text in several sizes, gives details such as font name and copyright info, and lists the characters in the font.

If you click on Preview for a 3 page icon (multiple font files), it opens separate preview panes for each of the files. If there are more than 5 files you'll get a warning first before opening all the preview panes. If you want to see a preview for just one of those fonts, choose Open or Open in New Window first then preview only the font you want.



6. Delete a Font

Delete a font in windows 7
Right-click then choose Delete to get rid of unwanted installed fonts.

Right-click on the font you wish to delete and choose Delete from the pop-up window. You'll get a confirmation window. Click on Yes if you are sure you want to delete the font.

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