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Install Fonts | Solve Font Problems

From Jacci Howard Bear

How to install fonts on Mac and PC. How to avoid, diagnose, or resolve font conflicts and printer errors when using digital type. Use these tutorials to solve your font problems and troubleshoot issues you're having using digital type.

How to Install, Preview, and Delete Fonts in Windows 7
Windows 7 makes it easy to install fonts. It automatically puts the font files into the Fonts Folder. From the Fonts Folder you can also preview and delete any installed fonts. It is generally best to close any applications that are running before installing new fonts. If running during installation, some software programs may need to be...

How do I see actual font names in Windows Fonts Folder?
Follow these simple steps to view the font names instead of the more cryptic file names.

How to Delete TrueType Fonts in Windows
Here's how to get rid of unneeded fonts.

How to Install Fonts on a Macintosh
Put fonts on a Mac.

How to Install PostScript Fonts in Windows 2000 or XP
Get your Type 1 fonts installed.

How to Install PostScript Fonts with ATM for Windows
Use ATM to install Type 1 fonts.

How to Install TrueType Fonts in Windows
Here's how to get fonts installed under Windows.

How to Uninstall Fonts in Windows XP
Remove fonts from Windows XP fonts folder.

I can't find the Martlett font but I'm sure it's installed
Discover the trick to locating Martlett.

I can't use the fonts I just installed. What's wrong?
See if any of these problems exist after installing fonts.

Make downloaded fonts show up in your software font list
Follow these installation steps in order to use fonts with your software.

My Windows Font Folder is missing 'Install New Font'
Is this vital command missing? Here's how to fix it.

Sending Fonts to Your Service Bureau
Service bureaus cite the number one problem when outputting files is the fonts. The receive files with missing fonts, corrupt fonts, or the wrong fonts. If you want to avoid delays and errors on your next project, take the extra steps to ensure that you send the right fonts with your file.

Too Many Fonts - Getting Rid Of and Managing Fonts on a Mac
Whether you install them yourself or some software programs install them automatically, at some point you may find yourself with way too many fonts or unable to install those great new fonts you just bought. Having too many fonts installed not only slows down system and program performance, it can be difficult to find the font you need.

Too Many Fonts - Getting Rid of and Managing Fonts in Windows
Whether you install them yourself or some software programs install them automatically, at some point you may find yourself with way too many fonts. Font overload can slow down your computer or cause it to behave erratically. Within some programs it can become tedious or even impossible to find the one font you need among the hundreds displayed...

Why are my fonts not in color like I see on Web pages?
Fonts don't come in colors. Learn how to add your own color.

Graphics Unleashed - Windows 95 and NT Font Problems
Follow these steps upon receiving messages about corrupt or missing font files.

MacWorld - Foiling Font Problems
Kathleen Tinkel has explanations and solutions for font troubles such as cross-platform errors, warning messages, spacing anomolies, and other font troubles.

Microsoft - Default Fonts in Windows 3.x
These are the TrueType fonts that Win 3.x installs.

Microsoft - Default Fonts in Windows 95
How to restore the default fonts under Windows 95.

Microsoft - Default Fonts in Windows 98
A list of all the fonts that Windows 98 installs on your system.

Microsoft - Embedding Fonts
Explains how embedding fonts can prevent some types of font errors.

Mike's Sketchpad - Porting Fonts Across Platforms
In this series of articles, learn how to get fonts from PC to Mac or Mac to PC. It starts with a lesson in the differences between Mac and PC fonts then has tutorials for CrossFont, TransType, Fontographer, and FontLab.

Scott Computer Graphics - Windows Font Bugs & Glitches
Read an interesting compilation of bugs, glitches, and some fixes.

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