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Fax Templates

Free Cover Sheet Templates for Faxing


No, faxes aren't obsolete. Email may have taken over much business correspondence but many businesses and organizations use faxes. When you need to fax some documents, add a nice cover sheet to make sure your document gets to the right person. Put information about who is sending the fax, who it goes too, and the number of pages in the fax (including the cover sheet). Include contact information for the sender in case the recipient needs to follow up on the fax. These templates can help you format the necessary information and lend an air of serious, urgency, or fun to your facsimile transmission.

Sites marked as Collection offer 5 or more templates (sometimes dozens). Others have just one or two templates. Lots of styles. Mostly in PDF or Word formats. Each site offers free templates but a few may require payment for certain formats. Don't like any of these? Follow this Word tutorial on How to Create a Fax Cover Sheet Template from the Tutorial Bucket.

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Collection: My Paperless Fax

My Paperless Fax
My Paperless Fax
These sample cover sheets come in PDF, Word, TIFF, and JPG formats. There are several, simple styles in black and white.

Collection: MyFax.com Free Fax Cover Sheets

MyFax.com Templates
In Microsoft Word format, there are a hundred layouts from which to choose. In addition to basic fax cover sheets there are fax templates for CVs and resumes, urgent and confidential communications, and industry-specific themes.

Collection: FaxCoverSheets.net

These 6 templates are in Microsoft Word format. You can preview each cover sheet before downloading.

When Faxing a Resumé

"Treat your fax cover as any formal letter and add a proper salutation to the beginning of your sheet. Address the hiring manager by her full name. Include a brief introduction about yourself and what position you are applying for after the salutation. Large companies hire for multiple positions at a time and the hiring manager may not know where to direct your resume without this information." | What Information Do You Place on a Fax Cover Sheet for a Resumé?

Collection: FaxCoverSheets.org

If you're looking for something a little different in cover sheets, try some of these with fun fonts and funny text. They come in free PDF or pay for the Word formatted template.

Collection: FaxTemplates.net

You'll find lots of fax templates in business, informal, and personal use styles. Choose PDF or Word .DOC format. The individual templates are free or you can pay a small fee to get all of them in one download.

Collection: Hoover Web Design Printable Fax Cover Sheets

Hoover Web Design Fax Samples
Hoover Web Design
In PDF format, some of these cover sheets are in color and in both simple and funky designs.

Increase Sales Each Time You Send a Fax

"The heading and text on most fax cover sheets takes up only about half of the available space on a page. The rest of the cover page is usually nothing but white space.

Don't waste all that unused space! Make your cover sheets do double duty by including promotional material for your products or services." | Turn Your Fax Cover Sheets Into Sales Tools

2020site.org Fax Cover Sheet

2020site.org fax cover sheet snippet
They offer a single cover sheet template. Scroll down in the text (read it for some good advice on using cover sheets) and find the FAX COVER SHEET text link. It's a PDF file.

Apollo's Templates

Apollo's templates
Apollo's templates
Choose one of three styles in PDF format. These are editable cover sheet templates. Add your own logo and other customization. Or, get them in Word format.

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