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Birth Announcements With Notes on a Cork Board


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The Posted on a Cork Board Birth or Adoption Announcement Template Collection
The Cork Post-it Collection of Birth Announcements by Jacci Howard Bear

There are 5 sets of templates in this collection: Boy, Girl, Boy Twins, & Girl Twins each contain 3 templates (candy wrapper, quarter-fold card, half-letter size template). The boy-girl (or girl-boy) twins set has the wrapper and the quarter-fold card.

© Jacci Howard Bear; licensed to About.com; Cork, notes, and push pin images by fuzzimo.com
All the templates in this collection were designed in Adobe Illustrator and exported as PNG files. Import the image into the software of your choice, add your own custom text or photos if you wish, and print. See the index below the instructions to get to the template download pages for all 5 sets.

Using the Candy Wrapper Template

The candy wrapper templates (available in all 5 sets) are 5.8 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall. Trim to about 5.75 inches wide for use on the 2.6 oz King Size Hershey's bar. Trim to about 5.25 inches wide for use on the 1.55 oz Hershey's Milk Chocolate bar. The face of the candy bar is 2 to 2.25 inches.

To save paper you can fit two of the wrappers on a letter size 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

  1. Open your desktop publishing software (such as Microsoft Publisher, Serif PagePlus, or Adobe InDesign).
  2. Create a new letter size document, portrait orientation, no margins.
  3. Insert/Import/Place one copy of the wrapper centered and at the very top of the page.
  4. Insert/Import/Place another copy of the wrapper directly below it, flipping it upside down.
  5. Personalize with vital statistics if you wish, placing them in the bottom 1 inch of the template.
  6. Save and print.
  7. The non-printing area of most desktop printers is about .25 inches and will fall in the glue area of each template (that's why you flip one copy upside down). Cut the printed sheet in half and trim the sides to the desired width (a paper cutter works better than scissors).
  8. Wrap the template around the candy bar and glue the ends together on the back side.

Using the Card Templates

If you don't want to hand-write the details on the inside, insert/import/place the template in a letter size, landscape orientation new document in your desktop publishing software. Add your text (you'll need to rotate it 180 degrees because the inside of the card prints upside down before folding) and save the file. Print the quarter fold card template. Fold in half on the short side then fold in half again so that the text is on the inside to get a top fold card.

The half-letter size template is the front of the card only (not available in the Boy & Girl Twins set). Use it with any letter size sheet or with half-fold greeting card paper. It will be a top-fold card.

How I Made These

Created in Adobe Illustrator, these templates make liberal use of some of the excellent free images and vectors from fuzzimo.com (cork background, Post-it notes, push pins and thumbtacks). The cut-out letters on the note papers were created using the bold version of the free font Static. The letters were converted to curves then combined with the notepaper and its shadow (each separately). The long strip of paper (not on the candy wrappers) was one of the Post-it notes, heavily modified. The handwriting font for the New Arrival text is Galeforce BTN, placed on a path to follow the curve of the strip of paper. The text on the inside of the quarter-fold card is Static. The AI files were exported as PNG.

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