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Birth Announcements With Marble and Brown Paper


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The Purple Marble and Brown Paper Birth or Adoption Announcement Collection
Marble and Brown Paper Birth Announcements Collection

Two files and six templates. Print just the ones you want or do them all for a matching set of candy wrappers and cards.

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It's a layering of textures, colors, and shapes for these candy wrappers and announcement cards. Add a layer of your personalized information to complete the look.

Each .PUB file contains 3 pages. Page 1 is for a roll candy wrapper. Page 2 is for a candy bar wrapper. Page 3 is a quarter-fold card. Detailed instructions are within the file.

  • The roll candy wrapper will fit various sizes just by trimming it smaller. The candy shown is a 6.5 inch roll of SweetTarts. It prints 2 to a page.
  • The candy bar wrapper also prints 2 to a page and will fit 1.45, 1.55, and 2.6 oz (King Size) Hershey's candy bars or bars of similar size and dimensions.
  • The card is a modified version of the wrappers, prints on letter size paper to be folded in quarters with a side fold. Customize the text inside.

How I Made These

All the templates in this collection were designed entirely within Microsoft Publisher 2010. The shapes, textures, borders, fonts, and color schemes are all available in the program. I just arranged and manipulated them to come up with the designs you see here.

I suggest you save a copy of the file with a new name before you start manipulating the template, especially if you plan to do major edits. It's good to have the original to return to if things don't go as planned.

  1. This page Instructions
  2. It's a Girl in Purple, Gray, and Pink Marble
  3. It's a Boy in Crumpled Brown Paper and Blue Denim

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