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Desktop publishing software is a tool for graphic designers and non-designers to create visual communications for professional or desktop printing, online display, and other distribution methods.
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Software Categories

Page Layout in PageMaker

There is one absolute requirement for desktop publishing and that is a page layout application, also known as "desktop publishing software."

  1. A-Z Really Big List of Desktop Publishing Software
  2. Big List of Mac Desktop Publishing Software
  3. Big List of Windows Desktop Publishing Software
  4. Big List of Linux Desktop Publishing Software
  1. 4 Types of Software for Desktop Publishing
  2. 6 Types of Design Software
  3. Graphics Software for Desktop Publishing

Software Buying Advice

The Print Shop Labels & Logos by Broderbund

Desktop publishing software can be a major investment. Whether you choose it because it's cheap or because it's the one with the familiar name, make sure that you are buying the software that will best meet your needs.

  1. Ways to Save Money on Software
  2. Advice on Choosing Best Software
  3. Advice on Choosing Logo Software
  1. Mix and Match Desktop Publishing Software to Meet Your Needs
  2. User Reviews: Your Desktop Publishing Software Opinions
  3. Worst Upgrade in 2010

Software for Graphic Designers

Get individual programs or choose one of the Adobe Creative Suite bundles.

Graphic designers who work for design firms, companies with dedicated design departments, or as freelancers tend to use the high end desktop publishing software for everything. This means primarily Adobe, Quark, or Corel products.

  1. What is the Best Graphic Design Software?
  2. Windows Professional Software for Desktop Publishing
  3. Mac Professional Software for Desktop Publishing
  4. Adobe Software
  5. Adobe: Creative Suite or the PageMaker Alternative
  6. Adobe Creative Suite: What's in the Box?
  7. Adobe Creative Cloud
  1. Adobe Acrobat X
  2. Quark Software
  3. Quark: QuarkXPress Plus Graphics
  4. Corel Software
  5. CorelDRAW Plus Page Layout
  6. Imposition Software for Mac
  7. Imposition Software for Windows

Software for Business Professionals

Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

From the CEO to the secretary, businesses create visual communications including memos, presentations, and employee newsletters. In addition to Microsoft Office, there are a lot of other programs businesses might use to create their own logos, stationery, and marketing materials.

  1. Business Card Software for Mac
  2. Business Card Software for Windows
  3. Newsletter Design Software for Mac
  4. Newsletter Design Software for Windows
  5. Microsoft Software
  6. Microsoft Office 2010 - Your Complete Guide
  1. Microsoft: Publisher Plus Office
  2. Microsoft Publisher 2010 Preview
  3. Serif Software
  4. Serif: PagePlus Plus Graphics
  5. OCR Software for Mac
  6. OCR Software for Windows

Software for Personal Projects

Create Your Own Greeting Cards Deluxe from Focus Multimedia

Called consumer desktop publishing software or creative printing software, these programs are crammed full of fun templates and clip art for producing greeting cards, t-shirts, bumper stickers, banners, posters, and other computer crafts.

  1. Calendar Design Software for Mac
  2. Calendar Design Software for Windows
  3. Greeting Card Software for Mac
  4. Greeting Card Software for Windows
  5. T-Shirt Design Software for Mac
  6. T-Shirt Design Software for Windows
  1. Scrapbooking Software for Mac
  2. Scrapbooking Software for Windows
  3. Nova Development and Broderbund Software
  4. What is Home Publishing or Creative Printing Software?
  5. Missing Features of PrintMaster 2 / 2011 / 2012

Free Desktop Publishing Software


Whether for professional, business, or personal use, when you need to save a lot of money, consider free software. Some free or opensource programs, such as Scribus, are every bit as powerful as their more expensive counterparts.

  1. Best Free Windows Software for Desktop Publishing
  2. Best Free Mac Software for Desktop Publishing
  3. Open Source Desktop Publishing Options

How the Software Works

InDesign Button Tool

From setting up a basic document to complicated arrangements of text and graphics, learn how to use desktop publishing software by following this step-by-step plan.

  1. How to Choose a Software Book
  2. How to Learn the Software
  3. Setting Default Preferences
  4. Learn About Text Frames
  1. Learn About Common Toolbox Items
  2. Learn to Use Style Sheets
  3. Import and Place Text
  4. Import and Place Graphics

Software Tutorials

Screenshot of CeledyDraw 2 by J. Bear

Learn how to set up your working environment, work with text and graphics, use templates and wizards, save, export, import, and print documents from some of the most widely used desktop publishing software programs.

  1. InDesign
  2. QuarkXPress
  3. PagePlus & PagePlus SE
  4. PageMaker
  5. Publisher
  1. Scribus
  2. Inkscape
  3. Framemaker
  4. Ventura
  5. More Software Tutorials

Hardware for Your Software

Calibrate Your Monitor

Mac or PC? Make sure your hardware and your software work nice together.

  1. Is Mac or PC Better for Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design?
  2. Do You Need a PostScript Printer?
  3. Calibrate Your Desktop Printer
  4. Ways to Use Multiple Monitors in Desktop Publishing
  1. Portrait Monitor Advantages in Desktop Publishing
  2. Calibrate Your Monitor
  3. Calibrate Your Digital Camera
  4. Calibrate Your Scanner

Beyond the Software and Hardware

Reset Software Document Defaults

There's more to doing desktop publishing than having a computer with some cool software. Don't forget to explore all the basic definitions and requirements as well as all the tasks involved in doing desktop publishing for home, school, or career.

  1. Basic Guidelines and Requirements
  2. How to Do Desktop Publishing
  3. Careers in Desktop Publishing
  4. Back to School With Desktop Publishing
  1. Things to Make for the Holidays
  2. Templates for Print and Web Publishing
  3. Jacci's Desktop Publishing Blog

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