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Your Complete Guide to Microsoft Office 2010


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Microsoft Word 2010
Microsoft Word 2010 Box Shot and Sample Template

Microsoft Word 2010 Box Shot and Sample Template

Box shot courtesy of PriceGrabber
All of the Microsoft Office 2010 suites and the Web Apps include Word, the word processing application of the Office suite.

In What's New in Word 2010 About.com Word Processing Guide James Marshall writes:

"Microsoft Word 2007 was a radical upgrade from earlier versions of Word. Fortunately, Word 2010 won't be such a shock for those accustomed to Word 2007. Still, Microsoft has added some great new features to Word 2010."

You can now take screenshots from within Word 2010 and insert them into your documents with a click of the Screenshot button on the Ribbon. Get a preview of Screenshot in Word 2010.

While the improved photo editing features aren't likely to sway diehard Photoshop users, for others the ability to edit images and apply artistic effects -- including thumbnail effects previews -- from within Word (as well as Excel and PowerPoint) will be a welcome addition.

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