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Your Complete Guide to Microsoft Office 2010


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Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2010 Box Shot and Screenshot

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Box Shot and Screenshot

Box shot courtesy of PriceGrabber; Screenshot by J. Bear
Microsoft dropped email from Windows 7 but you can get your Outlook back with Microsoft Office 2010. It comes in all the suites except the Home and Student edition.

About.com Email Guide Heinz Tschabitacher gives Outlook 2010 4.5 stars and says:

"Microsoft Office Outlook shines as an email client with great talent for organizing (virtual folders, fast search), solid spam and phishing filters, and seamless integration with to-do lists and scheduling. Outlook's message templates could be more flexible, though, and its smart folders could learn from example."

Heinz also provides you with all the Outlook tips, tricks, tutorials, and add-ons to help you get the most out of your email program.

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