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Mix and Match Desktop Publishing Software to Meet Your Needs


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Microsoft: Publisher Plus Office Suites
Microsoft Publisher 2010 Box Shot and Sample Template

Microsoft Publisher 2010 Box Shot and Sample Template

Box shot courtesy of PriceGrabber
Microsoft is so prevalent in some businesses and schools that freelancers catering to business or education clients may well want to consider a Microsoft-based desktop publishing solution (at least in part) for greater compatibility with their clients. Some home users may like the idea of going all Microsoft as well.

Office Suites

  • Business Publishing: Businesses of all sizes can get a lot of desktop publishing done with Microsoft Office Publisher (Compare Prices). Get it as a standalone product if you already have the standard edition of Microsoft Office or as part of the Microsoft Office Small Business (Compare Prices), Professional (Compare Prices) or, Ultimate (Compare Prices) suites along with Word, PowerPoint, and other office tools.

  • Home Publishing: Microsoft Office 2007 comes in five different suites. For home-based publishing projects you may need little more than Microsoft Word.
    (Compare Prices)
    But Microsoft Publisher would add more desktop publishing options.
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    Microsoft Office 2010 comes in 5 editions, three of which contain Microsoft Publisher. The only suite with Publisher that's not available only through volume licensing would be the Professional Suite. (Compare Prices)

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