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Mix and Match Desktop Publishing Software to Meet Your Needs


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Serif: PagePlus Plus Graphics Options
2010 Winner: Serif PagePlus

2010 About.com Reader's Choice Winner: Serif PagePlus

About.com / Serif, Inc.
Serif gives you everything you need for Windows-based professional publishing for significantly less money than Adobe, Quark, or Corel. And it was the About.com Reader's Choice Award winner for graphic designers, business professionals, and personal projects in 2010.

Build Your Own Serif Bundle

Pick and choose what you need: a bare minimum would be page layout plus image editing.
  • Page Layout: In my review of PagePlus X3 I called it "a powerful alternative to pricier desktop publishing software options ... that belongs in the hands of more professional print designers." A couple of versions later and it's still a winner.
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  • Image Editing: Your low-cost Serif alternative to Photoshop is PhotoPlus
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  • Illustration: Serif DrawPlus handles vector drawing and animation tasks.
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  • Web Publishing: Add Web design with WebPlus Website Maker.
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  • Other Serif products you might want to consider -- depending on your individual needs and interests -- include MoviePlus, Digital Scrapbook Artist, and FontManager.
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Serif + Other Graphics Options

If you're sold on PagePlus X3 but you're looking for other low-cost graphics alternatives to complete the package, look at these:
  • Build Your Own Graphics Solution: You don't need the full Photoshop package to do great image editing. The less expensive but still plenty powerful Photoshop Elements (Buy Direct) or Photo Impact Pro (Compare Prices) offer high-end image editing at a low-end price. Pair either one with Xara Xtreme Illustration Software to complete your basic graphics toolbox.

  • All-In-One Graphics: Team PagePlus with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4. You'll get Photo-Paint as a Photoshop alternative and CorelDRAW for vector drawing. The suite includes tons of clip art and fonts and other useful utilities.
    (Buy Direct)

  • All-In-One Graphics + Web Design: Not exactly low-cost, but Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium has Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Flash, and other useful programs in a single package.
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