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Quark, Inc.


QuarkXPress 8 Image courtesy of PriceGrabber

QuarkXPress 8

Image courtesy of PriceGrabber
In the late 80s and 90s Quark usurped the desktop publishing community's first love, PageMaker, with QuarkXPress. Once the undisputed king of desktop publishing software applications for both Mac and Windows users, Quark's premiere product - QuarkXPress - is still a powerhouse publishing platform despite strong competition from Adobe InDesign. In addition to QuarkXPress for page layout, Quark has powerful enterprise publishing and content management software systems.


The best known of the Quark family of software programs, QuarkXPress is still an industry standard despite a growing number of Adobe InDesign users. A powerful package out of the box, there are hundreds and hundreds of add-ons -- XTensions -- both from Quark and from third party developers that help users and companies personalize QuarkXPress to fit their specific needs. The QuarkXPress Passport version provides multi-language support.

QuarkXPress 8 for Windows and Mac.

Other Quark, Inc. Software Titles:

Quark Print Collection, QuarkCopyDesk, and other Quark Products provide content management and enterprise publishing solutions beyond the single user QuarkXPress. The Quark Print Collection is a set of prepress tools for use with QuarkXPress and Adobe Acrobat to produce multi-page jobs more efficiently.

The Quark Dynamic Publishing Products include QuarkXPress Server, Quark Publishing System (QPS), and Quark Web-to-Print System.

Reviews of QuarkXPress Desktop Publishing Software:

  • QuarkXPress 8
    Gene Gable, writing for CreativePro, gives it a score of 88, praising the streamlined tools but knocking its limited Web, image-editing and Flash authoring tools.

  • QuarkXPress 8
    At Macworld it garnered only 3.5 out of 5 mice.
  • QuarkXPress 8
    At PC Pro it gets an overall 5 of 6 stars but only 3 of 6 for "Value for Money."

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QuarkXPress 8 for Windows and Mac.

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