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Inkscape screenshot from Inkscape.org

Inkscape screenshot from Inkscape.org

A popular free, open source vector drawing program, Inkscape software can be used as a page layout tool for business cards, CD covers and booklets, ads, fliers, book covers, and more.

Inkscape 0.48+ for Windows and Linux, Mac, and will run on FreeBSD, Unix-like systems

Inkscape Features:

Inkscape software uses the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format. Inkscape is similar in capabilities to Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW except that it's free. Inkscape is also being used to create fonts. Version .45 added Gaussian Blur filter support and Pattern along a path. In Version .46 a new Tweak tool allowed more options for working with paths and colors, a Paint Bucket tool like those in bitmap image editors as well as new features for the Callifgraphic pen, and angled guidelines. With Version .47 Inkscape added Spiro curves and support for creating SVG Fonts. New in Version .48 are kerning, line spacing, and text rotation, multiple path editing, spray tool, and multi-threading for the Gaussian Blur filter which helps to speed up performance. For a closer look at the features added to each version see the Screenshots section.

Inkscape Software Overviews and Reviews:

Inkscape Tutorials:

  • Inkscape Tutorials rounds up tutorials specifically on doing page layout for greeting cards, business cards, and more using Inkscape.
  • Inkscape Tutorials from About.com Graphics Software include how to draw hearts and Christmas trees, create a greeting card, make dripping blood text, and export graphics.

Download Inkscape:

Download the most recent release packages of Inkscape as well as development versions. Also check out books and manuals for Inkscape. Read a review of The Book of Inkscape: The Definitive Guide to the Free Graphics Editor by Dmitry Kirsanov at About.com Graphics Software.

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