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Page Layout File Extensions

Desktop Publishing Software Files


Do you know what to do with an IND file? How about PPP or PUB? This alphabetical list contains the primary page layout document and template file extensions for many desktop publishing software programs. This list does not include graphics file formats other than a few common proprietary formats such as for Photoshop and CorelDRAW.

AI Adobe Illustrator page layout/vector image
AIT Adobe Illustrator template
CDR CorelDRAW image
CDT CorelDRAW template
CPH Corel Print House page layout
CPT Corel Photo-Paint image
DTP Publish-iT page layout
FM Adobe FrameMaker page layout
GEM Ventura Publisher now Corel Ventura
INDB Adobe InDesign book files
INDD Adobe InDesign page layout (also IND)
INDT Adobe InDesign template
NPP Nova Development Art Explosion Publisher Pro page layout
P65 Adobe PageMaker page layout; v. 6.5
PA Print Artist document/project
PAGES Apple iWork Pages document
PDF Adobe Acrobat portable document format
PDG Broderbund The Print Shop Deluxe older versions
PDP Adobe less common version of portable document format (PDF)
PMD (PM3/4/5/6) Aldus/Adobe PageMaker PM3, PM4, PM5, PM6 are for those versions; PMD is PageMaker 6 and up.
PPP Serif PagePlus page layout
PPX Serif PagePlus template
PSD Adobe Photoshop image document
PSP Paint Shop Pro image
PUB Micrsoft Publisher page layout
QPT QuarkXPress project template
QXB QuarkXPress book file
QXD QuarkXPress page layout; v. 5 and earlier
QXP QuarkXPress page layout; v. 6 and up
QXT QuarkXPress template
RTD RagTime page layout
SBK Nova Development Scrapbook Factory project file
SLA Scribus page layout
VP Corel Ventura page layout
XCF GIMP image
ZDP/ZDL Avery DesignPro

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