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Parts of an Envelope


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Envelope Seams
Envelope Seams

Seams can affect the placement of printing on an envelope.

The seams are the edges where the envelope flaps meet and overlap. The style of flaps determines the type of seams. The choice of seams can be a determining factor in the placement of printing on an envelope.
  • Diagonal Seams
    Envelopes with pointed or triangular flaps create diagonal seams across the back of the envelope.

  • Side Seams
    Running close to the outer edge of the envelope, square or rectangular flaps form side seams. Side seams provide a larger printing area.

  • Center Seam
    Found on catalog style envelopes, large square or rectangluar side flaps meet and overlap in the center of the envelope. Smaller square or wallet top and bottom flaps folds over top and bottom edges of the side flaps.

  • Seam Overlap
    That portion of the bottom flap that overlaps the side flaps (or where two side flaps meet for a center seam) forms the seams of the envelope.
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