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Parts of an Envelope


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How an Envelope is Constructed
Envelope Parts

Most envelopes have all these parts.

Face or Front
The front of the envelope, usually seamless, where the address, postage, cancellation stamp, and usually the return address appear.

The back of the envelope where the flaps meet to form and seal the envelope.

  1. Seal Adhesive: Where the gum or glue goes for sealing the envelope after inserting contents.
  2. Top Flap: Also known as the seal flap, it is folded down and sealed after inserting contents.
  3. Top Fold: Usually scored during manufacturing, this crease is where the top flap is folded to seal the envelope.
  4. Throat: The space between the top fold and top of the back flap that forms the opening where envelope contents are inserted.
  5. Side Flaps: The sides of the envelope folded to the inside and sealed along the back flap to form a pocket.
  6. Side Folds: The creases along the sides of the envelope separating the envelope face from the side flaps folded to the back.
  7. Shoulders: A portion of the side flaps along the throat where they meet the top fold.
  8. Bottom Flap: That portion of the envelope folded up and sealed along the edges of the side flaps to form a pocket.
  9. Seam Overlap: Where two or more flaps overlap.
  10. Bottom Fold: The crease along the bottom of the envelope separating the envelope face from the bottom flap.

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