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Rules and Best Practices in Page Layout

12 Rules of Desktop Publishing Illustrated


While there are no hard and fast rules, there are guidelines, best practices, and tried and true methods of arranging a page and doing desktop publishing that result in attractive pages that effectively communicate the intended message. Learn how to apply 12 rules of desktop publishing.
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Use One Space After PunctuationSpace After PunctuationUse Paragraph Spacing and Style SheetsParagraph SpacingUse Fewer FontsNumber of FontsUse Full Justification Appropriately.Text Alignment - Fully-Justified
Use Ragged Right Alignment CarefullyText Alignment - Ragged RightUse Centered Text SparinglyCentered TextBalance Line Length and Font Size for Best ReadabilityLine LengthUse ALL CAPS With the Right FontsAll Caps
Use Proper Typographical PunctuationTypographical PunctuationUse Frames and Boxes With a PurposeFrames and BoxesUse Less Clip ArtClip ArtUse White SpaceWhite Space

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