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Triangle Shapes
Shape Lesson 3

Triangles suggest action. They are dynamic. Triangles may convey either conflict or strength. Triangles can direct movement (up, down, left, right — depending on which way they 'point') but rather than moving themselves, they point the way for the reader.

Triangles are suggestive of many different shapes and ideas. They can represent a religious Trinity, a pyramid, a flag or pennant, an arrow, a beacon.

Some ways you can use triangles:

  • To symbolize action or conflict. In a logo, a triangle might be better suited to a growing, dynamic high tech company than the more stable, familiar square, for example.
  • Related to the first bullet item, use triangles to suggest familiar themes (flag, pyramid, arrow or pointer). A single or a series of triangles can point the eye to important information or act as an arrow to get readers to turn the page.
  • To highlight, organize, or set apart information using a solid or outlined triangle. Use a triangle to suggest progression. Place it behind a 'Top 10' list or the steps to accomplish a specific task.
  • Replace the letter A or V in text with a trianglur shape that suggests that letter. Try a wedge of pie for the letter A in the phrase Amy's Desserts.

Hands-On Exercise
Look at ads, magazines, brochures, logos, and other printed projects . Find examples of the use of triangles either in logo designs, as a shape to break up text or provide emphasis or interest, or as the physical shape of the piece. Look for creative use of triangles such as to replace letters in a nameplate or to represent familiar ideas.

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