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Elements of Design Class 2

Lines are one of the basic elements of design. Alone or in combination with other lines or shapes they can aid in the readability, appearance, and message of a design.

Use lines to:

  • organize
  • texturize
  • guide the eye
  • provide movement
  • make a statement
  • convey universal meanings

Keep an eye out for brochures, ads, newsletters, graphics, logos, and other print projects that include examples of lines, look for materials around you that include lines of all kinds. You'll refer to these examples in some of the lessons in this class.

In Lines Lesson 1 we'll look at what a line is and the different looks of lines. In Lines Lesson 2 we'll combine lines and see how the patterns we create convey different ideas. Then in Lines Lesson 3 we'll look at how lines are used in design and some practical uses of lines in common desktop publishing projects.

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