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Web, Mobile, & Multimedia Publishing

Role of Desktop Publishing in Creating Web Pages and Electronic Publications


You can do a Web site layout in Inkscape...

You can do a Web site layout in Inkscape or choose software such as Dreamweaver for doing full Web sites.

While some Web and electronic publishers  come from a print design or desktop publishing background, many enter the field without any prior training in desktop publishing, graphic design, or traditional publishing. Either way, the design principles and software used are often the same.

Web publishing can involve designing web pages or entire sites, providing original content, or placing existing print documents online as well as designing for more and more mobile devices. Electronic publishing includes Web as well as other non-print publishing such as email newsletters, CD-ROM publications, eBooks, and PDF documents. Multimedia can combine any number of visual as well as audio publishing options including PowerPoint presentations.

Designing For The Web

While there are similarities between print and Web design, there are major differences as well. If you're coming from a print background you'll need to become familiar with how it's done when print isn't the final product. If you're a Web designer first, you should also become familiar with the print differences because you may be called upon to translate your Web designs or electronic publications into print versions.
"Many of the first Web designers were originally and primarily print designers who migrated from print publishing to electronic publishing. Less than a decade after desktop publishing software revolutionalized graphic design, print designers began struggling with how to take what they knew about traditional design and layout and translate it to the less precise and ever-evolving world of Web publishing." -- Desktop Publishing and the Internet

Software for Web & Mobile Publishing

Much of today's desktop publishing software can handle basic Web publishing as well. But for more control and more elaborate publishing options you'll want to consider dedicated software designed just for that purpose. The following options are compiled by our About.com Web Design/HTML Guide:

If you'd like a list of everything you'll need, hardware, peripherals, and software, use these lists. Each one is a Beginning Web Designer's Setup: Windows | Macintosh. Of course your own set up can vary greatly but this provides a good starting point. You'll notice that a graphics tablet and a camera are on the list. If you need to brush up on your tablet skills or your digital photography start here:

16 Categories of Design Specialization

Although Web design doesn't usually involve printing, you may need to brush up on your printing and print design skills because clients may want you to be involved in creating print materials to go with their Web site such as brochure, logo, and catalog.
  1. Annual Reports & Proposals
  2. Business Forms
  3. Catalogs, Menus, & Product Lists
  4. Collaterals (brochures, etc.)
  5. Crafts & Creative Printing
  6. Identity Systems (logo, letterhead)
  7. Marketing Materials (ads, direct mail)
  8. Packaging
  9. Periodicals (newsletters, magazines)
  10. Presentation Graphics
  11. Publication Art
  12. Publications (books, manuals, booklets, etc.)
  13. Self-publishing
  14. Signage
  15. Web, Mobile, and Multimedia Publishing
  16. Word Processing

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