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Join professional associations, discover the educational requirements for working in the field of desktop publishing and graphic design. Obtain formal or informal education in desktop publishing.
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Why Everyone Needs to Know Desktop Publishing
You can make more money (at almost any job), save money (as an individual or a business), and get better grades in school by learning more about desktop publishing. Find out why and how.

Do I need a degree or special training to do desktop publishing?
Unlike many jobs in the computer industry, desktop publishing educational requirements most often take the form of non-degree courses and on-the-job training. While some employers may find a related degree attractive, such as in printing or graphic arts, it is not usually a prerequisite for desktop publishing.

Do I need to know graphic design to do desktop publishing?
As with all matters regarding the distinct but intertwined fields of graphic design and desktop publishing, how much you need to know about one to do the other depends on how you and others define desktop publishing and graphic design and what you'll be doing.

Do I need to know desktop publishing to do graphic design?
Today's graphic designers usually do utilize desktop publishing software and skills although it is possible to do graphic design without being involved in the production end of the work.

Back to School Teachers Fonts Templates Lesson Plans for Desktop Publishing
You don't have to be teaching desktop publishing to incorporate it into your classroom. Here's a roundup of our tools for teachers including fonts, templates, and lesson plans.

Why We Don't Need Desktop Publishing
Should you even bother getting training in desktop publishing?

How Do I Do Graphic Design?
3 steps. Can it be that simple? Yes and no. These 3 steps will get you started on the way to doing graphic design of any kind.

How do I choose a desktop publishing or software book?
Some books are tool or task-oriented. Other books are project-oriented. There are primers that get you up and running quickly and "everything you could possibly ever want to know" reference books that cover desktop publishing, design, business, or the software in-depth.

All You Ever Needed to Know You Learned in...
1000 Words for Design Students. Get the most out of your design education by heeding these 1000 words from Allan Chochinov.

Those Who Can, Teach. 1000 Words of Advice for Design Teachers
If you are teaching design, do this. If you are a design student, show this to your teacher. Allan Chochinov tells teachers how to best serve their design students.

Pick Your Path to Learning About Desktop Publishing
The path to everything you need to know about desktop publishing. A topical index to this site.

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