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5 Ways to Use Dingbat Fonts


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Colorize Dingbat Fonts
Colorize Dingbats

Add color and dingbats take on a new life.

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Dingbat fonts, like regular fonts, have no color. They are generally created in black or other solid colors. With or without other manipulations you can add color to change the look of the dingbat.


  • Changing the overall color is usually the easiest. But for greater interest, use a variety of colors. This will generally require the use of selection masks and other graphic techniques.
  • Because your dingbats are fonts, for more complex colorization you'll likely need to convert the image to a bitmap (in Photoshop, for instance) or break it apart into individual parts in a vector program (such as Illustrator) to colorize individual parts.
  • In addition to solid color fills, consider gradients and pattern fills for your dingbats for even more variety.


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