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Dingbats, Symbols, and Picture Fonts

Look to these collections for free dingbat fonts -- those mini-clipart collections in font format. Some are original dingbat fonts and others are collections of dingbat fonts, often sorted by theme.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs Symbol Fonts
There are a variety of free and commercial hieroglyph symbol fonts that contain Ancient Egyptian Hieroglphs and other types of hieroglyphic writing systems.

Dingbats, Dinglets, Flourishes in About Free Fonts Library
The dingbats section of the Free Fonts Library at this site has completely free dingbat fonts organized in themed groups.

Curtis Clark's Fonts
Find ancient alphabets and scientific symbols; free for personal use.

Dingbat Pages, The
Nice collections of shareware and freeware dingbat fonts are organized in logical categories.

Disturbed Type Foundry
These are mostly text fonts but if you want mushrooms, scroll down for a mushroom dingbat font.

Emerald City Fontwerks - Clipfonts
Free and shareware picture fonts. These are not your usual dingbats. Nice graphics in a font.

Emerald City Fontwerks
Scroll down for some nice free picture fonts in Mac and PC formats.

Fontastic! Dingbats
Find Creatures, Danceman, Arboris Folium (leaves), Halloweenies, Old Time Ad Dings and others in ZIP files.

Kat's Fun Fonts
Offers a huge collection of original dingbats and letterbats in ZIP files. Find fonts for all occasions including holidays, baby showers, graduation, seasonal themes, and activities.

PackRat Fonts and Drop Caps
Browse by categories: Borders, Clipart, Fantasy, Floral, Mythological, Dogs, and Cats.

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