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How to Get Started Doing Desktop Publishing


At its most basic level, desktop publishing is taking some text and some graphics and mixing them together on a page then publishing that page.
  1. Take a Crash Course
  2. Defining Desktop Publishing
  3. Things You Need
  4. Things to Make
  1. Skills You Need
  2. Related Areas of Interest
  3. Pick Another Path to Explore

Take a Crash Course

After selecting a template you're now ready to fine-tune it further.

If you know what desktop publishing is but just need a plan or outline to get started, explore these tutorials for jumpstarting the design process no matter what your current skill level.

  1. How to Do Desktop Publishing and Desktop Printing
  2. How to Do Professional Desktop Publishing
  3. How to Do Desktop Publishing as a Freelance Business
  4. How to Create a Greeting Card
  5. The Rules of Desktop Publishing
  1. Best Page Layout Practices
  2. 4 Steps to Perfect Publications
  3. Why and How to Use Templates
  4. How to Use QR Codes in Desktop Publishing
  5. Ask a Question About Desktop Publishing

Defining Desktop Publishing

Using PageMaker for Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is a term coined after the development of a specific type of software.

  1. What is Desktop Publishing?
  2. When Was Desktop Publishing Invented?
  3. What is Page Layout?
  4. Myths & Misconceptions
  5. The Graphic Design Connection
  1. The Web Design Connection
  2. The Word Processing Connection
  3. The Digital Scrapbooking Connection
  4. Why Everyone Needs to Know Desktop Publishing
  5. Why We Don't Need Desktop Publishing (Arguments/Counter-Arguments)

Things You Need


The main thing needed to do desktop publishing is the software and a computer to run it on. After that you'll need paper, fonts, clip art, templates, and other computer add-ons.

  1. Supplies You Need to Do Desktop Publishing
  2. Is Mac or PC Better for Desktop Publishing & Graphic Design
  3. 4 Types of Software
  4. Minimum Software
  5. Top Windows Professional Software
  6. Top Mac Professional Software
  1. Mix and Match Desktop Publishing Software
  2. Fonts
  3. Clip Art & Photos
  4. Paper
  5. Templates

Things to Make

Things a graphic designer might create

What are you going to create? Dig into detailed design tips and tutorials, makeovers, ideas, techniques, and supplies for anything you can do with desktop publishing software.

  1. Top 4 Things to Make Using Desktop Publishing
  2. Advertising Pieces
  3. Annual Reports
  4. Books
  5. Business Cards
  6. Calendars
  7. Cards & Invitations
  8. Digital Scrapbooks
  9. Envelopes
  10. Identity System
  1. Iron On Transfers
  2. Letterhead
  3. Logos
  4. Magazines
  5. Newsletters
  6. Portfolio Projects (Makeovers)
  7. Postcards
  8. Posters
  9. 16 Areas of Specialization

Skills You Need

Learn to Write

Although almost anyone can do desktop publishing, certain skills and education make it easier -- and may be critical for doing professional desktop publishing.

  1. Learn the Lingo
  2. Learn the Software
  3. Learn to Write
  4. Learn to Draw
  5. Learn Graphic Design
  1. Learn Web Design
  2. Get a Degree
  3. Get Certification
  4. Freelance Design Skills Assessment
  5. Ask a Question About Desktop Publishing

Related Areas of Interest

Digital Scrapbook Page Layout

The lines are often blurred between designing for print and for the Web as well as desktop publishing professionally or for personal projects for fun or profit.

  1. Digital Scrapbooking
  2. Self-Publishing
  3. Type Design
  4. Technical Illustration

Pick Another Path to Explore

The basics of desktop publishing aren't simply a few quick lessons. You can spend months or years learning, practicing, and improving your basic skills. But at the same time you're digging deeper into the basics you can be learning more of the task and techiques involved in all parts of desktop publishing and learning how to take full advantage of everything that your desktop publishing software can do.

  1. Desktop Publishing Software
  2. How to Do Desktop Publishing
  3. Careers in Desktop Publishing
  4. Back to School With Desktop Publishing
  1. Things to Make Using Desktop Publishing
  2. Templates for Print and Web Publishing
  3. Jacci's Desktop Publishing Blog

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