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Make a Custom Book or Book Accessories as Gifts

Give a homemade gift of reading


Books make great gifts. A book you create or customize yourself is even better. From publishing your own family history book to creating a personalized, one-of-a-kind bookmark you can make your own gifts for readers of all ages.

Combine any or all of these book-related gift ideas to create a coordinated gift set, such as matching custom bookplates and bookmarks.

Make a Bookmark

Make a Bookmark as a Gift
Make a Gift Idea: Bookmark. © J. Bear

You can buy some nice bookmarks but a custom bookmark is so much more personal. It helps to personalize the book too. Create a custom bookmark for children or adults. They can double as gift tags as well.

Make a Bookplate

Make a Bookplate as a gift.
Make a Gift Idea: Bookplate. © J. Bear
When you give a book as a gift, personalize it with a custom bookplate. Or, for the book lover on your list, give a set of homemade bookplates that they can add to all the books in their personal library.

Make a Book Cover

Make a Book Cover as a Gift
Make a Gift Idea: Book Cover © J. Bear
Sure, you could write a personal note inside the book but a personalized book cover is another way to take a good gift and make it great. Create custom book covers for adults or children.

Make a Book

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Make a Gift Idea: Book © S.D. Bear
It doesn't have to be the length of Gone With the Wind to be a good book. A book of just a few pages of poetry that you illustrate yourself is a great book gift idea. If you have more time, put together a family history book. Even if you aren't the crafty type you can design a simple photo album or scrapbook using computer software, templates, and just a few photographs.
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